1. Brent McDannald

    Relatively new Master Electrician at a road house

    Hey! As the title says, I am a relatively new(about a year in) Master Electrician at a road house where we have about 300+ shows a year.Im starting to learn Vectorworks and Lightwright.And slowly but surely we are acquiring more intelligent fixtures(currently just have ETC ColorSource Cycs)...
  2. M

    Design Issues and Solutions Lightwright 6 Question

    Dumb question: is it possible to delete the thick, thin, or dotted vertical lines in paperwork layout? If so, HOW?
  3. jakob223

    How to get a student LW license on a weekend

    I'm loading in for a show tomorrow, and I would like to have nice lightwright paperwork, but foresight is not my strong suit; I naively assumed that one could purchase this software on the internet, but that doesn't quite seem to be the case. Does anyone know of a site/store where I can purchase...
  4. Jordan Street

    Design Issues and Solutions Is there a way to prevent templates from showing up as "Instruments" in Lightwright 5?

    Sorry if this is a repeat question, but I couldn't find any answers when I searched anywhere.After setting up Automatic Data Exchange in Lightwright and importing the new data I noticed that all of the Template symbols get put into Lightwright as an Instrument Type. Obviously if I delete them...
  5. Neon Ninja

    How to Make These Cards?

    Does anyone know how to make these hanging cards in Lightwright 5? I posted on another website and someone said " I exported from Lightwright to CSV, and edited the data in Excel to make it clearer (negative x values from Vectorworks become SR, positive is SL, etc.). Then mail merge in MS Word...