1. K

    Sennheiser Neumann Microphone Basics - Part 1-3

    During this webinar, we will give you an insight into microphone design and operation. Starting with the basics and moving on to best practices and suggestions for use in daily settings.A course for most with the chance to ask application questions around your choice of microphones from the...
  2. dvsDave

    DPA Microphones - Product overview 4097 Choir Mic

    When and how to use the DPA 4097 CORE Supercardioid Choir Mic. A product introduction by product expert Paul Andrews.
  3. Darin

    Head "Wire" for lav mics

    Hi all,I have 8 Shure body mics and belt packs. In the past, we have run the wire up our actors' necks, over their ears, and taped them around their cheek bone.I know that some mics are on a stiff wire type accessory. Are these only available pre-made, or are there companies that will sell...
  4. K

    Recommendations for coloring lavalier mics in hair

    Hi, I am currently doing a production of Heathers, and all mics are to go through the hair and come out the forehead. The problem is, all mic wires are skin colored, and they tend to show through most actors' brunette hair because the wire is so light. Last time I ran a show, I put tape on these...
  5. DannyDepac

    Microphones Using a camera lav transmitter for stage mic? Sennheiser

    Hi GuysI was randomly given two Sennheiser eW100 G2 mic packs without the receiver. The person who gave them to me claims their friend gave them to them and they have no background info on them.I thought it was two mic packs but then I started to look and realized one doesn't have a mute...
  6. W

    Buying radio mics for use in UK and US

    I'm from the UK and looking at buying a set of 12 mics that can be used both here and in the US. The band we have available to use here is 606-613MHz. Is this usable at all in the States? Looking at buying a Trantec 5.3 which is tuneable from 606-622 MHz. Would this give us enough bandwidth to...
  7. AlexDavila

    Creative mic placement on a set

    About two years ago, I designed sound for a production of Brighton Beach Memoirs with a well-equipped community theatre. The audience was seated onstage on risers in a three quarter round configuration. The original intent was to embed mics into the set and rely on discreet area mic'ing in lieu...