1. D

    Apollo scroller squeak- maintenance suggestions?

    Hi all- looking for some advice with troubleshooting scroller sound. Several of our fixtures have a long slow squeak when scrolling between colors. I’m the visiting LD, and the td does not know the last time the scrollers were serviced. Is there a lubrication protocol for cranky scroller motors...
  2. zorlack

    Open Source Turntable Traction Drive

    There are many like it, but this one is mine: Turntable Traction DriveThis is my open source design for a turntable traction drive. If you have a welder, and a nearby steel shop you can make one for about $3,000.It weighs in at 244 lbs and but can be easily ratchet-strapped to the side...
  3. kenact

    Brail, motorized curtain

    I'll be setting up a show in a 65 seat black box theater, for a 5 week run, 6 performances per week.The show calls for a curtain, but the theater doesn't have one, and I can't install a permanent curtain.I'm currently thinking of a curtain comprised of two, flat, 8 foot wide by 10 foot high...
  4. W

    Looking for a motor manual for P250 JR

    Looking for a manual for motor that is written in english for P250 JR. VBG 70 Punktzug p 250 JRI am trying to adjust the upper and lower limits of travel.
  5. T

    DIY orbiting camera rig

    Hello, I'm new here. Happy new year!! I have been reading some threads on the forum and there is alot of good information and advice so I decided to post here for information. I hope this is the right place.I want to make a diy version of Orcavue's orbiting camera rig. You can see their...