moving lights

  1. PrettyFlyForALightGuy

    Looking for opinions on MLs

    I'm looking to gather opinions on some moving lights. Starting the transition at the theatre I work we have had 8 ETC Lustr Series 2 fixtures. My buddy brought in two intimidator spot 260x movers and a few X-calibur just to get used to playing around with them. Going forward would be obtaining...
  2. C

    Control/Dimming Small concert series controller

    We are a small community concert provider in Montana and acquired some moving lights with expanding to more later, (2 now more later) and am trying to find a affordable controller (new or used) that would fit the bill for both moving and non-moving dmx fixtures. Some of the ones I have looked...
  3. E

    Moving light help please

    Our theater has an ETC light board and we have 2 moving light instruments (GLP Impression Spot One). One of these instruments is completely non responsive to anything the board tells it to do, and the second will move change gobos etc. but NOT focus or zoom.I am trying to discern if we...
  4. jakob223

    Control/Dimming Truly "additive" subs/faders on an ETC Ion

    I want to use an ion to control a bunch of moving lights (among other things) for a dance show, and I have 80% of an idea of how I want to do it, but there are a few missing pieces.I'd like to have one fader control the horizontal position of the focus of all the lights on the stage, and one...
  5. plotdependent

    Control/Dimming Moving Light vs. Ion communication issues

    We have an ETC Ion lightboard and several Robe Robin DL4S moving lights that have been forgetting attributes recorded into cues and attribute wheels not matching up with their live function (ex: the Tilt attribute wheel will instead move Shutter C in and out). The industry technician we have...
  6. mydadistimallen

    Automated Fixtures Altman 4 Rung Ladder used with Moving Lights

    Hi everyone,The theatre that I work at has purchased some new Lighting Ladders to taildown from our Electrics. The Designer is wanting to hang some High End Technospot moving lights off the bottom rung of the Ladder. They are large, 90lb movers...
  7. I

    Rental advice on front light with movers

    Hey,So I have a show coming up and need to cover some hard to light areas and actors that are lifted in the air. So I was looking to put a 120 v mover out on my torms to help fill in these spots and add some nice color to the stage in some scenes. I have a rental package coming in for the...
  8. M

    PRG Best Boy vs VL3515

    Hi All,PRG is trying to sub the VL3515s in my order for their Best Boy HP Spot (the 1500w version) so they don't have to ship the VLs out to Chicago. They sent me a comparison form (attached) and it makes it seem like its everything the VL is and more with no drawbacks. Does anyone have...
  9. BHS

    Home Location of a moving Light

    I'm running a Chauvet Intimidator 355z IRC on an ETC Element Console. The way the fixture is mounted when you put the control in the center the light points at the ceiling. Does anybody know a way that you can change this position so it homes to the center of the stage?
  10. Galen

    Automated Fixtures What is this?

    My tremendously outdated theater is taking the next couple of weeks to try to incorporate moving lights. I'm borrowing a couple of movers from a friendly vendor today but I'm pretty sure these things are hot, because there's no identification or manuals involved with anything. Sorry to do this...
  11. jcslighting

    Automated Fixtures Older Moving Light (I-Beam 700) Help!

    Happy New Year to all!I am currently working on an event for this Saturday, the 2nd and am having some issues with a couple older movers. For background, I just finished using all of these fixtures for a 4 weekend run of a Christmas musical without issue. Now I moved a couple and am trying...
  12. L

    FS: High End Systems StudioPix

    Hi All,I am selling my pair of HES StudioPix fixtures that are in great condition! These were manufactured in 2012 - Fixture 1 has no currently known issues and includes a road case (Pictured). Fixture 2 has a dead pixel - HES said that it might be a bad LED on the circuit board, or it may be...
  13. Ampere

    Massive Renovation!

    Hi there! I work in a blackbox that's about to be renovated, and our lighting budget is looking pretty darn healthy. At this stage I've just been chewing the ears off various colleagues, trying to get a good list together for an in-house demo. But before contacting those eager reps, I was hoping...
  14. GregM

    Servicing and maintenance of movers.

    When it comes to cleaning the optics of movers (dichroic's, lenses, glass gobos) what is everyone's preferred weapon of choice?