1. D

    Apollo scroller squeak- maintenance suggestions?

    Hi all- looking for some advice with troubleshooting scroller sound. Several of our fixtures have a long slow squeak when scrolling between colors. I’m the visiting LD, and the td does not know the last time the scrollers were serviced. Is there a lubrication protocol for cranky scroller motors...
  2. I

    Quiet High Output Fog Machine for around $500-$700.

    Hi all,I am looking for a quiet high output fog machine for my high school theater department. We previously had an Arena 2100 Flex from Chauvet however it long longer will function and it will cost almost as much to replace as it would to get it fixed. The Arena 2100 Flex has an...
  3. tdtastic

    Quiet Fogger???

    Has anyone played with the new Rosco Vapour line? The Vapour Plus is cute and reasonably priced, but is it loud? Loving all the manufacturer videos online, but none ever have the sense to cut out the background music -- I want to HEAR the damn thing before I buy it.Also looking at...
  4. petercav17

    Loud buzzing from LDR Canto 1200 Spotlight

    Hey all,We just got 2 new LDR Canto 1200 spotlights a couple of days ago. Due to a shipping/packing error we only received one lamp, so I was only able to test the one. I assembled it and fired it up and it works great, but there is a really loud buzzing sound coming from the lamp. We can hear...
  5. bmcewing

    Automated Fixtures Mac Quantum wash vs Robe 1000LED beam

    My venue (2200 seat concert hall) will be purchasing 18 moving head LED wash lights to replace our 2kw strand alto fresnels. We've demo'd a selection of fixtures recently and have narrowed it down to either the mac quantum wash or the Robe 1000 ledbeam.Both fixtures impressed although they...