1. Bubby4j

    Control/Dimming Pathway Demultiplexer Troubleshooting

    I have a Pathway 1004 eDIN Demultiplexer (Rev 2) that either seems defective, or is set up incorrrectly.The problem: In test mode (or normal DMX mode) it drives the output from 0-0.5v instead of 0-10v, I can't seem to get it to go to the full 10v.It's being used to control 0-10v electronic...
  2. V

    USITT 2016 - New Products From Pathway Connectivity

    Greetings from your friends at Pathway Connectivity. It is USITT time again and we have a lot of new product to demonstrate at the show this year. We will be in booth #705. We'll have our entire product line in the booth - all connected together and driving lights of course - with these new...
  3. E

    Passerelle edge lighting

    Hey y'all!Alright so the theater I work in is a high school. In our theater we have a passarelle (spelling?). We've always used rope lights to line the edge of the passarelle plugged straight into a dimmer channel (they need to be dimmable and controlled from the lighting desk). However every...
  4. jcslighting

    Strand Network & Nodes Set-up

    I am working in a fairly new space ( less than 5 yrs old) and am having some issues getting the network expanded, here are the details. . .The console is a Strand Palette running the palette O/S software into a network. The network has jacks at all of the lighting positions. The only node in...