1. J

    Palette VL 16

    We have a Philips Strand Palette VL 16 that has trouble booting up...every time we power on it lands on a screen that says DigitalEngine...we have to force power off around 4-5 times before it boots correctly. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  2. J

    Help with Philips Strand Lighting

    Hello everyone,I am a high school band teacher that has been left with the charge of figuring out the lighting situation in our auditorium. A number of years back the building was remodeled and out A/V tech was trained to use the new lighting board. He retired a number of years ago and things...
  3. gellframe

    Philips Hue DMX

    Hey everybody!I’m looking to be able to control about 5 Philips Hue color ambiance bulbs through DMX with an ION board. Has anyone had experience with this and can help me out with it?
  4. scotteckers

    Intelligent Power System Intelligent Raceway - DMX Address?

    I am trying to set the DMX start address on Intelligent Power System Intelligent Raceways that were installed about 12-15 years ago. The manufacturer was originally ET Dimming, which was acquired by Rosco and then Strand/Genlyte/Philips. There are two models -- the 6-dimmer bar and the 900...