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Hello everyone,

I am a high school band teacher that has been left with the charge of figuring out the lighting situation in our auditorium. A number of years back the building was remodeled and out A/V tech was trained to use the new lighting board. He retired a number of years ago and things seemed to be working fine. We went to use the lights for an event in our auditorium and have been unable to get any of the lights to turn on. All of the saved files are giving us the same results of nothing. Is there a way to download a sample show or some other type of show that will allow us to then manipulate it for our needs. An assistant principal and I have watched a ton of youtube videos in an attempt to troubleshoot the system with no luck.

We have a Phillips Strand Lighting Preset Palette II (32/64).

Any help would be appreciated.

Hello Jaime,

Give Vincent Lighting in Cleveland a call, our service techs may be able to help you. 216-475-7600. Ask for John.
I would also check your cabling. Make sure that the DMX is making it to your dimmers. Could be an unplugged cable, something not working in the back room, etc. We use Vincent Lighting to support our theater on the other side of the state, and their guys are great!
Are you using DMX, or a network (maybe Shownet) Assuming you have a known show file that works, there are a few basic places to start:

Are the outputs of the board on? They get turned off a lot on that board randomly. Look for a message on the display somewhere indicating the current state of the outputs. I think it turns red or something if they are off.

Make sure you are not in blind.

Check the DBO 1 and 2 buttons. Most people disable them in preferences, but the can be set to momentary or toggle. I realize the history, but having a button on the board these days that instantly shuts off everything...(there are better ways) Why Strand thought it so important to put two of them on there is beyond me.

I would also check all preferences to make sure the outputs are being sent where you think they should - network, DMX 1 or DMX 2.

Then call in the pros- I know a few of those boards that are just plain fritzing out. Mine died a few years back, and we have it linked to a PC. Rough situation.

Good luck
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Unclear if its the console sending DMX or something after. If you could find another DMX generator - another console or any number of handheld devices or other, you could divide the problem in half at least. Or take your console to another system and see if it works there?

A technician from Vincent or other, even some stage technicians have this gear and skilks, is probably worth it.

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