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  1. M

    Altman Phoenix RGBA Color

    Hi All, This is my first time renting Altman Phoenix LEDs for a show (my only previous experience with LED ellipsoidal is Source4 Lustr S2s) The home white isn't even tinted purple. I would describe it as solidly in the middle between pastel purple and saturated purple. I put them in 16B mode...
  2. NeroCaesar

    Automated Fixtures LED Altman PHX 250w and Phillips 155 Par Zoom

    So I have finally made the jump to LEDs in my theatre and I purchased 23x Altman LED PHX (Phoenix) and 32x 155 Par Zooms. I havent even done a show with them and I am already starting to worry... some of the units have been acting a bit funny. I use an updated ETC Ion 1 and constant power for...