1. H

    Platform Cross Bracing

    Need advice on platform cross bracing.At what height is cross bracing necessary? I want to do a row of 4, 4'x8' platforms (32' total) at 6' tall. The platforms will be made from 2x4s, with (6) 2x4 compression legs per platform. We're doing a drop behind the platforms, and aesthetically, want...
  2. R

    Building a stage with minimal supports

    Hey,We are trying to build a stage that we can use to store a piece underneath. It will go in our black box and be about 2.5 feet tall. Here is the challenging part, there needs to be a 12' x 12' unobstructed area underneath for storage of a piece that cannot be taken apart. The goal is to...
  3. tdtastic

    Stress Skin SKINs

    Taking a poll: what do you skin your stress-skin platforms or 'triscuits' with and why? How do you like to attach your top surface for max hold without putting a thousand holes in your stock platforms.Our shop has been using MDF for a while, and frankly we're tired of moving that heavy crap...
  4. spotlightondance

    Translucent Surface for Tap Dance

    We are experimenting with creating translucent raised platforms for tap dancers to dance on. We'd like platforms to contain both dmx controlled lighting as well as cameras pointing up to live feed video of the bottom of the tap shoes as they hit the surface above the performers using...
  5. N

    Legging Tall Platforms

    ]I was wonder how you would leg a 10ft platform. I was thinking about either using 2 2x4 per coner and 2 in the Center. Or using a stud frame method of legging. I have done this with smaller platforms but never any 10ft in the air. Here is an image of how I am thinking about forming the stud...
  6. Les Engineer

    Built-up column Conundrum

    I'm planning on building some very tall (and medium tall) columns to hold platforms. Having poured over the literature for several weeks, I've still not found information on built-up columns (i.e., mechanically laminated two-bys) that include a variation on the theme of "hog-troughing," a term...