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    Control/Dimming Ion Classic or Ion XE

    I am in my first year as the theatre and performance manager for a rural school district. The previous theatre manager was a big sound guy, so I have a lot of sound equipment that is rarely used but is of very high quality. However, the theatre in the High School is still using an ETC Express...
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    New Equipment Checklist

    Anyone have a checklist/procedure for incoming new rental equipment that they would be willing to share? Looking for inspiration!Working on revamping our equipment purchase steps so that we have a standardized system that every piece of new gear goes through. Documenting price, warranty...
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    Need recommendations for space upgrade

    I am now looking to find some affordable lighting fixtures for a venue that can hold around 500/600 people. We have a 7x3 schedule 40 pipe grid that we can move anything around that reaches about 12 ft high. Our fixtures are either European fixtures that would normally require transformers and...