New Equipment Checklist


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Anyone have a checklist/procedure for incoming new rental equipment that they would be willing to share? Looking for inspiration!

Working on revamping our equipment purchase steps so that we have a standardized system that every piece of new gear goes through. Documenting price, warranty periods, accessories, ect.

Could also be for non rental equipment, does anyone have a checklist for new equipment at a venue?
I do not have a "checklist" or such in my small venue. Not sure if my superiors at my not-so-small venue have one but I have never seen anything of the sort...

In my venue, I keep a record of all serial numbers, date purchased, purchase paperwork (quote/invoice) etc. It's currently in a 3-ring binder, however, I am planning on building a spreadsheet on Google Drive to keep it safe. It's always worth registering things.

I always put the manuals and warranty information into another 3-ring binder so I can have the information on hand. Rarely have I had to pull it out.

Another thing I do is do a full visual inspection of the box before opening it (take photos if you find something noteworthy), and then another visual inspection upon removing from the box. I have caught things having been damaged in transit.

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