1. Quentin (Cue)

    Projector recommendations

    Greetings everyone,I hope this isn't stupid for me to post, but I am looking for some recommendations for a projector to buy. The women I'm working for has asked me to find something that will shoot on a scrim that is 15'X15'. Ideally, she wants it to cover the whole width and length. I asked...
  2. gafftaper

    What paint do you use on your stage floor?

    I was shocked when I couldn't find a thread discussing what paint people are using on their stage floors. So here it is!My new theater is in need of a paint job and I have no record of what my predecessor used. I'm not very happy with the current paint as I get a pretty strong light...
  3. M

    Studio Space Hazer Recommendation

    Hello Collective, I am looking for a quiet, small/medium-sized hazer for my studio space. Budget-wise I have up to $1000 to spend. Our room is roughly 50' x 30' with a 12' ceiling. I am most interested in people's personal experience with smaller hazers because the sound is my biggest concern...