1. Rose03

    Strong Spotlight HMI Retrofit

    Does anyone know of a retrofit kit to allow me to put an arc lamp in my 1977ish Strong Trouperette II?
  2. Smatticus

    Control/Dimming Solais LR38 LED Retrofit with ETC Sensor CEM Classic

    Has anyone out there run into the Solais LR38 dimmable LED lamp? A high school I work at just replaced all of the incandescent lamps in the house light fixtures with these LED lamps. The fixtures are fed by ETC D20 Sensor dimmers controlled by a CEM Classic (five fixtures per dimmer). No...
  3. Swade White

    Source 4WRD vs. Source Four LED

    Hello ControlBooth, I have been researching different LEDs from ETC for our front of house electrics. I am debating on either retrofitting the 30 existing Source Four's with the Source 4WRD or just completely going with colored LEDs with the Source Four Lustr. What do you guys recommend? I'm...
  4. E

    LED retrofit option

    Considering these for a retrofit- would be exciting if we didn't have to completely change out all of our existing fixtures. anyone had any prior experience with these they'd like to share?