1. K

    Troubleshooting help: Three I-Cues lost DMX signal

    Hi folks,Looking for some suggestions to troubleshoot a loss of signal on my Icues.I've got 3 I Cues that have all stopped receiving DMX within the space of 2 weeks. The current home run from the power supply is connected to 2 Icues and 2 DMX Irises. When I've lost the I Cues, the home run...
  2. firewater88

    Rosco I-Cue NIB

    I have (3) NIB still sealed Rosco I-Cue mirror units. These have been in storage for a while. No Power Supply or cabling is included. $600 EACH plus shipping.
  3. pogoattack

    Entertainment Technology IPS Dimmer Schematics

    Howdy All, I have a general request for any schematics or other service literature for these units. We have both IPS-DS-2403 20A dimmer strips, and IPS-DP-6003 50A dimmer panels. I have been able to solve most of our failures by swapping out IGBT components. I have had one success...
  4. Owen Sahnow

    I broke my Rosco Delta 3000, Help!

    I attempted to hook up my Rosco Delta 3000 to a network, which we discovered after the fact that was not supposed to happen. The thing won't work now and I really need to fix it. I checked the fuses and they are intact. I know this machine was discontinued, but if anyone out there has any info...
  5. scotteckers

    Intelligent Power System Intelligent Raceway - DMX Address?

    I am trying to set the DMX start address on Intelligent Power System Intelligent Raceways that were installed about 12-15 years ago. The manufacturer was originally ET Dimming, which was acquired by Rosco and then Strand/Genlyte/Philips. There are two models -- the 6-dimmer bar and the 900...
  6. D Oz

    DMX Termination Fail

    My theater recently purchased a used Rosco Model 1750 Fog Machine for immediate use. I briefly tested it upon arrival, to make sure that it was responding to DMX. I then put it in its perch for the production, making sure to put a DMX terminator in (as the manual demands).During the preshow...
  7. K

    Broken Ethercon Connector Fix?

    So, I was being stupid, taking a panel off a Delta 3000 fogger, and in taking off the panel with the Ethercon port, didn't think to unscrew the thing. Noticed all the pretty pins and thought nothing of them, and demolished them when I was putting it back on. I realize now how incredibly stupid...