scenic design

  1. S

    Convert Act Curtain to Tableau

    Hi guys, I'm designing for an upcoming farce at my local theatre and I had the idea that a tableau curtain would really fit the feeling of the show. Our space has a common traveller type main drape that's a rich red, proscenium opening of 16'x32'. Does anyone have an experience with rigging an...
  2. J

    Lighting Through Soft Flats

    I am currently designing a set for "The Drowsy Chaperone." Using fabric flats, and LED Pars from behind i would like to create the effect of having painted walls turn in to colored windows.My Idea is to custom build soft flats using medium wight Muslin, then on the backside make french window...
  3. Kate F

    Are there set standards for Vectorworks?

    Hello!I just started grad school and the way they use Vectorworks seems to be a little different than how I did it at undergrad. Is there a "cheat sheet" or set of standards that USITT or the like have put together for design packages? Line weights, etc.