school lighting

  1. I

    School leko/Ellipsoidal recommendations on a budget

    Hello everyone! First post :) I’m a high school student in Japan. This year I was able to get a small budget to upgrade the systems in the auditorium of the old campus.I have 750-1000USD left in my budget to figure out something for front lighting from middle of house (Yes I know I won’t be...
  2. joshhealing

    Help Needed: No idea how school's system works.

    Hello Everyone!I am working a 6-week gig as a lighting designer for a production of Into The Woods with a non-profit theater organization. The program I am working for is operating out of a brand new elementary school theater complete with a new lighting rig of all etc ColorSource fixtures, a...
  3. Conner Jones

    Need advice on choosing an MFA program

    hello all,So I have been lucky enough to be accepted by two awesome colleges and I am having the difficult task of choosing between them. A great problem to have... but still a hard choice.The two places are NIU and U of I. Both have a lot of merits to their curriculum and both promise to...
  4. Steve Butcher

    Recommations School Control Setup

    Hi all! I've been beating my brains for a couple weeks reading through forums and product pages trying to decide on a console/software combination, but I just can't determine what might be best for our needs. We currently run an older console-only system that doesn't support enough channels to...