1. Julian Amrine

    In need of a tiny fog/smoke effect that doesnt cost $1800 or use pyro

    Hey all,The director wants smoke to come out of the toaster for that scene in Company... the toaster is set on a peice of scenery-the peice moves, but the TD says there is a possibility of getting a mains circuit to the peice if we need it.Any ideas?Oh yea, it needs to be triggered...
  2. Owen Sahnow

    I broke my Rosco Delta 3000, Help!

    I attempted to hook up my Rosco Delta 3000 to a network, which we discovered after the fact that was not supposed to happen. The thing won't work now and I really need to fix it. I checked the fuses and they are intact. I know this machine was discontinued, but if anyone out there has any info...
  3. EdSavoie

    Nuclear Comms (RS-501)

    We seem to be having a systematic problem with comms. This Clearcom RS-501 pack has failed by carbonizing a resistor, and burning the talk LED (the lamp wasn't illuminated to my knowledge, reverse voltage?)After a four hour run for this evening rehearsal, the box went dead. I suspected the...
  4. W

    Blowing up a battleship

    Our show is based around Perl harbor attack. I need to blow up a battleship. I am using fog and lighting for fire and compressed air confetti cannons for the explosion. I looking for something to put it the 2 inch cannon to look like the ship exploding. We need to reset within 1 hour for...
  5. T

    Jekyll and Hyde Special Effects

    Hello we are putting on a high school production of Jekyll and Hyde, and were trying to figure out how to do the special effects such as lighting the bishop on fire, low lying fog, chemicals in the lab, and any other stage magic we need to pull off thanks ! If you need videos of Broadway I can...