1. F

    208v over 19pin mult-cable

    So this probably has been discussed before...but I just want to make sure I'm understanding this correct.I'm looking to purchase a power-distro. I'd like to set it up to run my Vipers and an LED Wall on 208v.My question is, can I use a normal 19pin mult-cable for this? I know people do, but...
  2. IanTech

    Male Socapex Panel?

    We will be redoing our electrical on our stage, and one of the things we're constantly moving around is the 208V power soca cables. They tend to run from the distro up to the grid before being used. I know they make 19 pin Male Socapex panels, but I was wondering if anyone has seen, or if anyone...
  3. D

    Socapex wiring

    I am trying to covert a few stage pin drop boxes to socapex ends so that i do not need to haul these giant boxes up and down when tours come in. I opened the box up though and there is only one ground wire running in the cable and it is going to a bar in the box that the ground for each circuit...
  4. S

    Hi from a connector man

    Hi,Joined the forum, I work in the events industry supplying connectors.I manufacture socapex connectors for theatre and stage application and single pole powerlock connectors for power distribution.Also do bimetallic connectors for aluminium cable - which I'm seeing a lot of recently in...
  5. C

    Strange Socapex Pin-outs?

    Curious if anyone has some experience with less-than-typical socapex pin-outs.I'm working through the 'bad' pile from before my tenure. I found some 14/14 socapex (1k cable) that everyone dismissed as garbage.Strangely, it's the pin-out that makes no sense, while the cable is perfect...
  6. D

    Control/Dimming Best price on Multi/Soca cable?

    I've been asked to research and eventually purchase multi/soca cables for the company I work for. I've always taken for granted that theses cables have been available but never put much thought into pricing, features, wire gauge, etc... Now that I'm the one in charge of these purchases I'd like...
  7. I

    Safe load for 16/19 Socapex

    What would a safe working load be on a 150' run of 16/18 Socapex cable at 120 volts?