stage manager

  1. NatashaTylea

    Best Universities to study Stage Management?

    I teach Set Design and Construction at an arts high school and I have a very skilled senior searching for the best school to study Stage Management in next year. She's extremely gifted in set construction and engineering in general, but she has found her passion hitting her in her role as a...
  2. Z

    Theater Tech with Live-Streaming?

    Does anyone have any suggestions for how to run a show behind the scenes if the show is live-streamed? I stage manage for my high school drama association, and am looking for a solution if my show is live-streamed amid this coronavirus pandemic. Our rehearsals were scheduled to start tomorrow...
  3. S

    Cues Based on Blocking

    Hi yall! I'm a high school SM and i just finnished my second production as SM. I hope to persue SM as a career whem im older.I was wondering how to call cues triggered by blocking.Also what does it mean when an SM calls something like "45 on the red, 46 on the blue, 47 on the yellow..."...
  4. N

    Changing Schedules

    Hey guys,Anyone ever gone through the rehearsal process that has changed multiple times throughout? How have you coped?Thanks folks
  5. Kathryn McGinness

    Stage Management Student

    Hi guys I'm taking a course in Stage management for my Drama degree. Question for all of the seasoned Stage Mangers out there: What would you say are the necessities to being a good SM?
  6. R

    Dance Performance

    Are there any stage managers out there who hjave done both theater shows and dance productions... which one did you prefer and why? I am a college student looking for some insite on people's opinions. I have worked with dance productions mostly but I am thinking about dabbling into the world...
  7. K

    Midi Cues

    I'm a non-Equity PSM at a professional theatre. Our sound engineer has started loading midi cues that are programmed to fire the actors mics into the sound program that the SM runs. During performances for a musical we typically will have a light board op, spot ops and a sound engineer in...