1. ademhayyu1

    Control/Dimming Stage Pin to DMX

    Hello,There is this huge yearly event coming up at our school and I am the technical director for this event. There are some pretty big performances and poets coming for this and I'd like to be able to use some of the theater's fixtures to light up these performances.I will be purchasing...
  2. soundtech193746

    Your opinion- Student Technicians

    Hello, this is more of a opinion reply cause I want to see where everyone is on this topic... what do you think about high school student technology operators?A couple questions I have for you to base opinions on are these,1. Do they need supervised even if the have been trained on the...
  3. mcubed4130

    Greetings long time lurker needing wireless advice for sound

    Hello everyone!Long time reader, finally decided to sign up... as my "hobby" of all things light, sound, and tech... is turning into something larger... for a few years now, my wife and I have been running a small school, teaching acting dancing and singing.. well school is growing... it's...
  4. D

    Teaching Adaptations - Disabled Student on Crew

    Hi All:I have a new student on my Stage Crew, and I need to make some adaptations to some things to make him more comfortable. Looking for some advice and suggestions. Some background which may be long winded ... but understanding context is important here.We do our work in "gymnatorium"...
  5. Kathryn McGinness

    Stage Management Student

    Hi guys I'm taking a course in Stage management for my Drama degree. Question for all of the seasoned Stage Mangers out there: What would you say are the necessities to being a good SM?
  6. TheTheaterGeek

    Design Issues and Solutions Making my plots look more professional and just better in general.

    I am always looking at professional plots and they all seem cleaner, with better symbols and such. They look a whole lot better than the default Vectorworks stuff. For examples, the plots in A practical Guide to Stage Lighting are wonderful.What should I be considering in my process of...