1. dvsDave

    USITT - Forum@4 - Mixing different LED color systems in a single lighting rig

    Webinar description: Fixture manufacturers have developed LED Color mixing systems that utilize various combinations of LEDs including RGB, RGBA, RGBW, RGBL, RGBAL, RGBAW, RGBAWUv, or even White LEDs using subtractive CMY systems. Ford Sellers (Sr Product Manager for Chauvet Professional) talks...
  2. dvsDave

    USITT - Forum@4 - An Online Approach to Old Problems: Archiving Technical Theatre History FB Group

    Webinar description: On June 11, 2013, a small niche Facebook Group was created by two members of the George Izenour Penn State project. The intent was to allow its participants to continue the conversations they started and share their discoveries post-project. Little did the creators realize...
  3. dvsDave

    USITT - Forum@4 - Student/Early Career Technical Director's Roundtable

    The USITT Student/Early Career TD Round Table provides attendees access to a diverse set of panelists each year, addressing issues that are most relevant to technical directors in the Student and Early Career demographics. Panelists will share stories and experiences that shaped their career...
  4. dvsDave

    USITT - Forum@4 - Cuelist: Reinventing Collaboration for Theater and Live Events

    Webinar description: Josh Epstein, a lighting designer and the founder of Cuelist Software, helps users move their tech process collaboration to the digital realm. Learn how updating and annotating scripts, describing cues, sharing information, and making changes can now be an instantaneous...
  5. dvsDave

    USITT - Forum@4 - Current Practices and Research in Sound

    Webinar description: A series of presentations investigating the artistry, craft, and technology of sound, each of which is supported with a peer-reviewed paper that will be published after the conference. Presented papers will include: Sounds from a Dream Place: Selective Listening and...
  6. dvsDave

    USITT - Forum@4 - Lessons from Hurricane Harvey: The Alley Theatre’s Prop Salvage & Recovery Saga

    Webinar description: In late August 2017, Hurricane Harvey dropped 50+ inches of rain in the Houston metro area. This led to exhaustive flooding all over the city, including inundating the Alley Theatre’s Neuhaus Stage and Props storage areas with more than 19 feet of water. This session will...
  7. dvsDave

    USITT - Forum@4- Fire Safety and Your Drapes, Are You Prepared?

    Webinar description: Fire safety on stages is a big issue. On theatre stages, the presence of hot lights, props and electrical sparks near flammable textiles significantly increases the risk of fire. The flame retardant on them forms an important part of your facility's fire safety system. The...
  8. dvsDave

    USITT - Forum@Four - Digital Media Workflow: Best Practices in Presentation and Paperwork

    Webinar description: This session discusses the media designer’s process for presenting design ideas, designing and documenting the system, and all of the paperwork required to go from concept to design. See examples presented from working digital media designers and discuss how workflow changes...
  9. B

    USITT Diagram Software

    Hi! I am going to a festival and doing a sound competition. One of the requirements for the competition is to have a USITT block diagram. Does anyone know of a software that can help me make this? I could do it by hand, but it'd just be neater and cleaner if done digitally.
  10. dvsDave

    ETC ColorSource Linear

    Jim Uphoff, ETC Fixtures Product Manager walks us through the new longer ColorSource Linear fixtures at USITT 2017.The colors are gorgeous and the dimming is smooth as could be.
  11. dvsDave

    Arbor Rip Clip

    Every year, we look forward to USITT and walking the show floor looking for that ONE gadget that has that "Why Didn't I Think Of That?!" simplicity and utility.This year, the guys over at Stagehand Central delivered. This is the Arbor Rip Clip. Don't you hate those clamps holding those...
  12. A

    FREE Jands Vista Training at USITT

    Hi all!Just wanted to inform you that A.C. Lighting will be hosting free Jands Vista Console training at USITT. See below...Learn what world-renowned lighting designers and technicians already know - The Vista is a lighting console unlike any other you'll have seen.Its simple, visual...