Hi! I am going to a festival and doing a sound competition. One of the requirements for the competition is to have a USITT block diagram. Does anyone know of a software that can help me make this? I could do it by hand, but it'd just be neater and cleaner if done digitally.


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Omnigraffle + USITT stencils

Big caveat, I don't know many professionals (at least NYC Sound Designers) who actually use the USITT drafting standards. Most of us use Omnigraffle, some use Vectorworks for it but I think those people are crazy.

I think a lot of us pull ideas from the standards but have found ways to make them work for us in more intuitive ways, it's an ongoing conversation in the city (I know TSDCA has brought it up at a few of their meetings).

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I agree with @themuzicman. I use Omnigraffle for all of mine. I started with referencing both the USITT standards, as well as other block diagrams I have found from other designers. Then I adapted them into my own workflow, and my own symbols that work for the systems I put together.

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