Episode 24: Safety in Education

New week, new episode of the Event Safety Podcast! In celebration of back to school season (at least during normal times), Steve and Danielle chat with stage manager, author, safety consultant, and all-around amazing human Kristi Ross-Clausen about bringing safety education to performing arts programs, including elementary schools, high schools, and colleges. Kristi is a walking encyclopedia of resources, so you’ll definitely want to catch this episode.


USITT Rigging Inspection Grant Program

USITT BACKstage test for High School Students:

National Federation of High School Associations (NFHS) Courses

NFHS Aerosol Study

Crowd Management ANSI Standard

Event Safety Podcast Episode 14: Counterweight Rigging Systems

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What Rigger?

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Hey @gafftaper, have you checked this one? Did we talk about this one?


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Senior Team
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Hey @gafftaper, have you checked this one? Did we talk about this one?
Yeah it's excellent and I recommend that all of my fellow educational theater folks give it a listen. If I remember correctly it came out a couple of years ago in the middle of the lockdown when everyone was creating lots of podcasts and online learning. It may have not gotten a lot of discussion around here with so much other content being created at that time. I should probably give it another listen.

I'm currently in discussions with my superiors at the school district about how we are going to handle the ANSI Crowd Management Standard so this stuff is currently very much at the front of my thought process.

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