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ETC - Electronic Theatre Controls is a lighting equipment manufacturer. Their most significant contribution to entertainment lighting is probably the Source Four ERS, introduced in 1992. ETC makes an entire line of lighting equipment based on the Source Four from the Source Four PAR to the Source Four Revolution™, and produces an LED line of fixtures, the Selador series.

In addition to lighting fixtures, ETC also makes lighting control consoles and Dimming Systems. The most widely known ETC dimming system is the Sensor Dimmers, which have recently been updated to Sensor+. However, many electricians prefer the original Sensor™ Control Electronics Module (CEM), as opposed to the CEM+. Their console lines are widely used through the industry and includes consoles like the Express/Expression™, Obsession™, Congo, Congo Jr., Eos/Ion™, and Element™.


For detailed product and company information, visit For more in-depth discussion in a community forum setting, visit Electronic Theatre Controls - Forums.

edit: [I thought this absolutely charming, and thus stole it from Kathy Williams.]
While the Expression of your Insightful Vision has gained you wide Acclaim,
my Impression is that you're Obsessing on Emphasizing that the Concept was on
Par with your best Ideas, and while I can Sense Or, perhaps Imagine, the Source
Four, this Enthusiasm; I can't Express strongly enough that you shouldn't Focus
on this Impulse.

Please don't all of you groan in Unison.

How did this get past the Sensor? We ran it through but there was no Response.

For Technical Service in the US, phone 1-800-688-4116, weekdays from 8a-5p CST. After hours at the same number is an emergency pager service, and your call will be returned within fifteen minutes. Post this number next to the phone in your booth and in your dimmer room.
For technical support in the Americas, please call 608/831-4116, or toll-free in the U.S. at 800/688-4116.
For technical support in Europe, please call (+44) 20 8896 1000.
For technical support in Germany, please call (+49) 8024 4700-0
For technical support in Asia, please call (+852) 2799 1220.

2. etc., et cetera: a Latin expression meaning "and other things" or "and so on".
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