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Well, Looks Like I'm an Old fart by compairison to a lot of the profiles I see here. Lot's Of fun topics though. My kinda place. I can dispense wisdom < stick my nose into what others are doing > any old time, Why it's just like being at work ! I'm a T.D. and really specialize in SPFX, engineering, creating the impossible etc. Ask me about Water Features. BTW I'm Here in Beautiful Sunny Portland "OR - E - Gun". < Not "or - e - gone">
Welcome. Sounds like you have a lot of knowledge, so be sure to share everything you have to offer. I look forward to seeing you around the forums.

Wait, what? Sunny and Portland in the same sentence? Do my eyes deceive me?
Yep sunny and hot

Yeah it's been 105 degrees here so far this summer. last week four days over 100 Having fun trying to keep the theatres cool when their ac systems are really only rated for a normal regional temp of around 78 degrees !

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