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Industry Periodicals

Discussion in 'Collaborative Articles' started by derekleffew, May 26, 2008.

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    A list of technical theatre and industry-related periodicals, most free to professionals and often students. Ad revenue primarily sustains these magazines.

    Church Production Magazine, specifically for Houses of Worship
    Dramatics, an EdTA publication
    EC&M, Electrical Construction and Maintenance
    Entertainment Engineering, online and PDF delivery only
    FOH, Front of House audio
    Lighting&Sound America, a PLASA publication
    Live Design, a combination of what used to be Theatre Crafts and Lighting Dimensions
    Live Sound International, audio
    MIX magazine, audio
    Mobile Production Monthly, for the concert touring industry
    PLSN, Production, Lighting, and Staging News
    ProAV magazine, audio-visual
    ProSound News, audio
    Protocol, a quarterly publication by ESTA
    Rental & Staging Systems, same publisher as ProSound News
    Sightlines, USITT's monthly newsletter, (requires USITT membership)
    Sound&Video Contractor, audio-visual installations
    Stage Directions, geared more toward educational and smaller community theater.
    Technologies for Worship Magazine, specifically for churches and HOW.
    Theatre Design & Technology, a USITT quarterly publication, (requires USITT membership)

    Feel free to add to the above list. Remember that titles of publications are italicized, and be sure to add a link to either their homepage or subscription site.
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