Is it okay to discuss a Mega Sale?


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Don't know how to broach this topic and not violate ControlBooth's TOS, but I got an email this morning which may be of interest to many of our users. It seems a company whose name is synomous with "place to get a toothed wheel" and another company "known by its three initials" are teaming up to offer a second annual internet used-equipment sale. Sale goes from 11/05/07 through 11/19/07 and new items are added daily. From what I've seen so far, there are bargains in just about all departments.

Someone who knows the TOS better than me, please post the link if that's legal, otherwise, everyone disregard this post.



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Just went back through the TOS, and it looks like it is OK to post this information. You are not trying to sell something yourself, nor are you directing people to bid on your auction. You are only informing us that there is a big sale going on. I think the only way that would violate the TOS is if you stand to gain from telling us.


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I gain nothing from posting this, other than hopefully helping those in need of better equipment for a lower price.

I have NO affiliation with either GearSource or PRG.

Here's the link to the Mega-Sale.

If anyone buys anything, start a new thread to let us know what you bought. And in case someone other than me doesn't know, the symbol "€" indicates Euro, ([SIZE=+1]1 Euro = 1.4463 U.S. dollars) as of today. That equipment is most likely in Europe, so I wouldn't consider buying "Euro" gear unless I was in Europe, due to the shipping costs. Seems about 60% US, 40% Europe (at least for Lighting Controls).

But hey, they have carbon-arc Super Troupers for $165 each! (Buyer pays all shipping:(.)
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I know I saw that, that's unbelievable! Down from 11k. Man I want one.

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