lighting design programs?


I saw a thread on here, and now can't seem to find it.... Someone mentioned a free design program I think? I'm just looking for something simple that will give the crew a visual plot to look at because I'll be in meetings the day they hang it. It doesn't have to generate the instrument schedules, I can do that on my own if necessary. I can dig out my light stencil and draw it, but won't if I don't have to :)

5 electrics, 4 FOH positions, 3 booms on each side of the stage...pretty basic :)

Any suggestions?



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I think that you can get a free trial copy of Microlux Lite. It takes an hour or two sitting down with it to really figure it out, but it's free.


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SketchUp is a fantasic program, but at this time it is definatly not a Lighting program. It's great for rendering and modeling, but it simply doesn't havewhat is necessary for lighting design. I send them emails every once in a while and beg themto develope more theatre oriented material, but I don't think they plan on it ever turning into a " real" cad program. I do suggest that any student who hasn't any expirience with 3d cad programs go download the free version. It's easy, the tutorials are great, and it gives you a great look into the world of 3D modeling.

kari Check on they have a great section of freeware and shareware where you might find some VW compatible or Acad compatible viewer/ editor.

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