make an ugly glitter curtain sexy for a rock show


8O SEXY \/
I recently did a setup for a rock show that was sponsored by our drama club, and found an awesome effect for our ugly glitter curtain that everyone had adapted to. It has black and gold reflective strips hangin down from it, so it usually looks pretty homosexual. Typically we have the olio down behind it, but not this time. I hung the three electric battons at descending levels behind the glitter curtain and used their teasers to hide the battons themselves and their cables. Also used legs and black traveler so everything was blk.
On each electric there were six pairs of ETC PARs, so we put four pairs of complimentary colors on the third + forth electric pointin out towards the crowd. On the fifth elec, we only had six scoops, so i just used them occasionally for crowd blinders at the heavy blasts of bass.
All this resulted in blasts of color erupting from blackness behind the glitter curtain, which reflected the light to make it look like water everywhere. AwEsOmE effect... probly use it again

i was gunna get some, but my cam was bein dumb so i couldn't :(
stupid technology :evil:
i made some pics that r pretty close using the Martin ShowDesigner demo, but how do you post 'em?[/quote][/url]

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