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6 new Apollo colors, man the people over there are having too much fun naming their colors. I was sitting in the green room when I first saw these, started laughing out-loud, and then had to explain I was laughing at gel names.

AP3520 Alexander The Grape
Rosco: 355 Pale Violet
LEE 142 Pale Violet

AP4130 Blurple
Rosco: 82 Surprise Blue

AP4870 Bluetylicious
Rosco: 71 Sea Blue
GAM: 770 Christel Blue
LEE: 172 Lagoon Blue

AP5430 Green Gello
Rosco: 90 Dark Yellow Green
LEE: 139 Primary Green

AP7630 Peach My Interest
Rosco: 305 Rose Gold
GAM: 305 French Rose
LEE: 154 Pale Rose

AP7770 Hot Wings
GAM: 290 Fire
LEE: 135 Deep Golden Amber


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Wow, I definitely laughed. Good work, good work.


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Premium Member must have some very intelligent minds in your naming department.
Just a fluke. Remember, they're Indianians, or "Whos-yours," as in Mommy: "Sorry sonny, I don't know Hoosier daddy is.";)

"Wander Indiana" because what else is there to do?

derek (bred and born in Ohio), <now ducking>.


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<Nice name, you must have some very intelligent minds in your naming department.>

Actually, the naming of new gel colors has passed on to end-users like you. We receive hundreds of suggestions which include a HUGE selection of funny, naughty, and otherwise thought-provoking gel names.

Got a good one?! You may email [email protected] with your gel name suggestions.


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How about Controlbooth Cadmium, formulated after the yellow featured so prominently on this sight! (I know I'm supposed to email but I couldn't keep that one to myself)

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