Shopping at a local safety equipment store


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Jan 2, 2006
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Although there are many great online sources of purchasing safety equipment. Shopping locally for safety gear is a good idea. You will get advice about quality equipment and be able to try things on for a proper fit. Plus industrial safety stores are just a lot of fun (I never manage to get out of the store without an extra $10-$20 worth of impulse buys in my bag). Many people don't realize that there are good safety stores near them.

Here are some ways to find a local safety supply store:

-Just about every town over 10,000-15,000 people (especially if you have an "industrial district") has an industrial safety store of some sort. Even in rural areas you might not have one in your town but there may be one in the next town over. Farmers need safety equipment too! Start by searching for "Safety Equipment" in your local yellow pages.

-Look for Welding supply or fire extinguisher dealers in the phone book. If they don't sell PPE gear they will know where you can find it in your city.

-Some cities have industrial clothing stores these aren't quite as fun but they do have some PPE gear. As well as a lot of awesome Dickies and Carhart clothing.

-North is one of the larger brands of safety products and most safety dealers are going to carry their products. So, go to the North website and use their dealer location tool to find a store near you.

Favorite Local, Regional, or National Industrial Safety Stores (please add to it):
-Norco has 50 locations spread throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada

-If you have a Grainger store nearby you may find what you need there. Here's the store locator tool.


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Mar 20, 2007
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Oye Granger? That'll eat through your cash reserve super fast.

I've got a few suggestions I'll post up once I get on a computer. Although fastnel is known for fasteners they have a lot of stuff granger has too.