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Tape, Types of

Discussion in 'Collaborative Articles' started by derekleffew, May 4, 2008.

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    Las Vegas, NV, USA
    Categorized by material:
    I) ClothII) Plastic
    A) Vinyl, PVC,
    1) Electrical Tape, Scotch® Super 33+
    2) Color Coding Tape, Scotch® 35
    3) Dance floor tape​
    4) Heat activated, hem tape, Stitch Witchery® (for the costumers)​
    B) Clear tapes, cellophane
    1) Gelstring Film tape​
    2) Packing​
    3) Strapping, filament tape​
    III) Paper
    A) Artist's, board tape
    B) Masking tape
    1) Natural, High-tack​
    2) Blue/Purple, Low-Tack​
    3) Black, Negative tape​
    C) Drywall tape (great for single use Hang Tapes)​
    IV) Foil
    A) Aluminum uncoated, muffler tape​
    B) Aluminum Black, BlackTak™
    V) Double-Stick, Double-sided
    A) Further categorized by substrate and adhesive
    1) Carpet tape​
    3) Foam tape

    4) Poly tapes:
    VI) Specialty Tapes
    A) Glow Tape
    B) Decorative (prismatic) tape​
    C) Surveyor's Tape​
    D) Crowd Control "Police Line-Do Not Cross" tape​
    X) Duct, or Duck Tape. Has absolutely no reason for existence, other than bundling trash for the dumpster. Even for HVAC purposes, contractors recommend adhesive-backed foil tape.
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