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iPhone/iPodTouch/iPad Apps for Theatre

There are a number of useful technical theater apps available on the iTunes Store. These prices were correct as of April 13, 2009, and are in AUD, except as noted $x.xx US. Please feel free to add apps as they come out. I think I have got most of them here. These include:

[h2]Management Tools[/h2]Tools for designers, managers, and people who go to meetings.

[h3]Note-Taking Tools[/h3]
AudioNote ($4.99 US) - Luminant Software
  • Record the audio from meetings and take notes in this app. When you playback the audio later and select a word you had typed into your meeting notes, AudioNote will go to the point in the audio recording where you typed that word so you can hear all of the conversation about that topic.

[h2]Lighting Tools[/h2]Tools for Lighting Designers, Master Electricians, etc.

[h3]Gel (Color), Gobo Libraries, and Reference Tools[/h3]
  • Gel Swatch Library [iSwatch] ($9.99 US) -Wybron, Inc
    • Has library of Rosco, LEE, GAM (and, as of v1.4, Apollo) gels, showing a preview of the gel, transmission values, SED graphs, complimentary and similar colors.
  • ETC Selador Toolkit (free) -ETC
    • "The Selador Toolkit application – with features for both beginners and professionals – allows designers to mix their favorite colors and determine which models to use. The app also includes calculators ..."
  • ColorBug ($950 US) -SeaChanger
    • "The colorBUG is an ingenious handheld sensor for testing color and luminosity in studio, architectural and theatre applications."
  • Moiré Gobo Library ($9.99 US) -Wybron, Inc.
    • Displays 3,300 gobos from APOLLO, GAM, INLIGHT, and LEE, with more to come. Lets you spin, blur, and overlap gobos to see how they'd look onstage.
  • myGobo (Free) -Rosco Labs
    • Containing the entire Rosco gobo library of more than 2300 images, myGobo makes it easy to browse, compare and select steel, glass or effects gobos, black and white or color.
  • iGobo (Free) -Blue Pony Digital (Apollo Design)
    • Apollo’s iGobo™ allows everyone involved in the art of lighting design to conveniently view full screen images of the company’s extensive library of standard metal and glass patterns.
  • CXI Color Calculator ($4.99 US) -Wybron, Inc.
    • Allows LDs to find colors for the CXI dual-gelstring color changer. It also gives the values needed to replicate some of the GAM, Lee, and Rosco gels.
  • GelCalc ($5.99) -Michael Zinman
    • GelCalc allows Electricians & LD's work out the number of sheets of gel needed, best cutting direction, most frames per sheet & pricing.
  • DMX Color Mixer ($0.99) -40oz Apps
    • This super simple app is a reference for setting color values in a DMX setup. Simply move one of the three faders to see how it affects the color on top.
  • NEMA Configuration Guide (free) -Summit Electric.
    • Summit's NEMA Configuration Guide puts over 240 NEMA configurations at your fingertips. iPhone, iPad, and Android versions. A must have for any electrician.
    • ML Finder Pro ($39.99 US) -Michael Zinman
      • ML Finder Pro contains information on over 500 DMX devices: Moving Lights, LED Fixtures, media services, et cetera, including DMX mapping.
    • ShowTool LD ($4.99 US) -Daniel Murfin
      • Comprehensive suite of Lighting Design and Electrics utilities for theatre and film.
    • SoftBox Lite (free), SoftBox Pro ($0.99 US) -EggErr Studio
      • "Turn your iPhone into a professional studio lighting system" (for photographic purposes). Turns an iDevice into a flashlight, or a light table (slide sorter), with various grid options. The pro version adds colors, though not correlated to any gel color. Color Temperature and White Balance features "coming soon."
    [h3]Technical Calculators[/h3]
    • Light Calc ($5.99), Light Calc Lite (free) -D!HV Lighting
      • Photometric calculation tool for LD's and Electricians. It holds a database of fixtures that tells you the: Type, Beam Angle, Field Angle, Candela, Lumens & Lamp.
    • ProjectorCalc ($5.99) -D!HV Lighting
      • Software designed to determine the size of a projected image, given the variables such as length away from screen, lens ect. It also estimates the amount of keystoning needed for such a result.
    • DipSwitch (Free) -Tom Weber
    • iSwitch DMX ($5.99) -Michael Zinman
    • PocketLD ($23.99) -Michael Zinman
      • Photometric Database & calculation tool for theatrical, TV and film professionals. Users enter throw distance, select manufacturer, fixture & lamp to calculate beam/field dameter & footcandles/lux.
    • DMX Color Mixer ($0.99) -Greg Kubacki
      • "This super simple app is a reference for setting color values in a DMX setup. Simply move one of the three faders to see how it affects the color on top." For RGB Color Mixing.
    • iResist (Free) -Flying Monkey Enterprises
      • Electrical Resistance Calculator.

    [h3]Console Control[/h3][h2]Sound[/h2]

    Studio Six Digital
    • Studio Six Digital - Several apps including an FFT analyser, a signal generator, and a loudspeaker polarity checker.
    • ProRemote and ProRemote Lite ($199.99) -Far Out Labs
      • This software allows you to remotely view & control Apple's ProTools, Apple Logic, Ableton Live & Soundtrack Pro.
    [h3]DB Meters[/h3]
    • Decibel ($1.99) -Gadget Fronteer
      • Allows users to get a DB reading, including Max.
    • Decibel Meter ($2.99) -Future Apps Inc
      • Allows users to get a DB reading, including Max.
    [h2]Other Useful Apps[/h2]
    • ShowTool SM ($4.99 US) -Daniel Murfin
      • Comprehensive suite of Stage Management utilities for theatre and film.
    • iRigging (Free) -JR Clancy Co.
      • Provides tools and reference data for many areas of rigging.
    • Bridle (USD 9.99) -Product Innovators
      • Bridle is the only visual based bridle program for the iPhone and iPod touch with a fresh perspective to the ancient craft of calculating bridles.
    • Flashlight (Free) -John Haney Software
      • Fills screen with bright white light to work as a torch. Can use the colour of your choice, chasers & strobe modes.
    • Stanley Level (Free) ($1.99) Stanley Inc.
      • Works like a spirit level, showing degrees. The most accurate angle finder to date.
    • Bolt & Nut ($0.99 US) Ryan Newsome
      • Use to determine size and thread pitch of nuts and bolts
    • WordDigest English Dictionary, Thesaurus & Spell Checker ($1.99) Global Delight
      • There are so many free or low-cost spell checkers available, one would think misspellings would be eradicated.
    • Tapatalk ($2.99) Quoord Systems
      • Easily connect to the Controlbooth forums to view topics and create posts.
    • Pocket Informant ($12.99) Web Information Solutions, Inc.
      • Use to conveniently sync Google (and other) calendars, as well as create To-Do lists.
    • Animated Knots by Grog ($4.99) Grog LLC (no relation to ControlBooth's [USER]Grog12[/USER])
      • Animated Knots by Grog is simply the best and most comprehensive teaching and reference tool for boaters, climbers, fishermen, scouts and hobbyists
    • Jaadu VNC ($29.99) -Jugaari
    • Mocha VNC (Free or $5.99) -Mocha
    • WinAdmin ($9.99) -Carter Harrison LLC.
    • PT Pocket Office ($5.99) -Chillingo Ltd
    • Remote Tap ($8.99) -ReadPixel
    • TouchPad Elete ($1.99) -Jugaari
    • Numpad-Wireless Numeric Keypad ($3.99) -Edovia Inc
    • Telekinesis (Free, Mac only) -Blacktree
    • Shazam (Free) -Shazam Entertainment Ltd.
      • Listening to a song, but don't know the title or artist? Shazam can find out for you.
    • Napkin Sketch Stage ($0.99, $4.99 for Pro) - Napkin Sketch LLC.
    • eSET ($0.99) - Essential Skills for the Entertainment Technician, an ESTA Foundation Project. A glossary app. "With over 2000 terms associated with the industry, eSET will guide you to the information you need to know. Covering virtually every discipline within live entertainment technology, eSET was developed by industry leaders to help build a skilled and knowledgeable workforce for the future of the industry. eSET provides the user with a searchable database, downloadable assessments and discipline-specific PDF’s that help you direct your learning, covering what you have to know today and need to know tomorrow."

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