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    Can A Fire Marshal Ban Haze???

    We have a similar issue, except it involves the local volunteer fire chief (translation: his training involved a few months of school and none in inspections etc.) and he will randomly throw out things that we aren't allowed to do for no real reason, and even though he has no real authority. The...
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    rehearsal/work lights

    I know it has already been suggested, but we use 8 scoops. 6 on the catwalk and two overhead lights beautifully and the bulbs are cheap. Most stages would pribably require less, but our stage is 65' wide so lighting with anything is a pain. There is a run on 4 tube fluorescent fixtures the whole...
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    Funky Cable in the pit.

    I did work in a church that had a connector almost identical to that for an audio snake...its no where near 60 years ild though, so I doubt your connector is for the same thing. Very similar looking though. Sent from my BlackBerry Runtime for Android Apps using Tapatalk
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    Adding a raceway

    Well I guess what it boils down to is would it be better to run from my existing CD80s all the way back there or would it be better to run electrical service back there and add dimmers there. Either way I am probably going to end up adding dimmers as I currently have four open dimmers in the CD...
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    Adding a raceway

    Hi, I am looking to add a raceway of some type to our mezzanine/control booth at the back of our auditorium. We currently have a catwalk that is approximately 15' from the original apron, but we are adding a permanent extension to the stage, adding 8 feet. Our current catwalk will act more as...
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    Control/Dimming Help me pick a console!

    Without knowing exactly what you are looking to do, the Strand 200 Plus console might be worth looking at, they appear to be selling for around $1000 right now. I have an original 200 series in our middle school theater and it performs very well for basic control of a handful of lights. It can...
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    New to the world

    Hello community! I have been working with my school theatre doing lights and other technical whatnot for about 7 years, and have developed a fairly good working knowledge of the systems and equipment that we have there. I really love doing it but want to get more of an idea of how a professional...
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    Hello from Ohio

    Hi everyone, I'm Eric, full time I lurk in the streets as a Paramedic, but for the past 7 years I have worked with my high school running lights, sound, and whatever else come along that has wires and goes on a stage. I've always wanted to take my theatrical tech experience further and learn...