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    Martin Roboscan Pro518 vs. Martin MX-1

    Thanks for that, it's a lot more detailed explanation than I expected. I am only hiring them so lamps and fans won't be an issue, I was just interested in their comparison to an MX-1, I knew there would be someone on here who had a bit of knowledge about them.
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    Martin Roboscan Pro518 vs. Martin MX-1

    I am just wondering whether anyone has had experience with the Martin Roboscan Pro518. I've used the MX-1 and Wizard but I am unfamiliar with the effect the 518 will provide. I am interested to know whether they will produce a single beam like the MX-1 or multiple ones like the Wizard/Acrobat...
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    Electrical Disruption

    Not sure all I know there was large amounts of lighting and sound equipment on at the time.
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    Electrical Disruption

    Also how do I mark this thread as closed\solved?
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    Electrical Disruption

    Ok, so it was something likely to do with the cordless phone (landline) itself or the connection?
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    Electrical Disruption

    Hi I'm new to this forum and this is my first thread. I was wondering if there was any way large amounts of electricity e.g a concert could create a 'field' which could disrupt things like cordless phones etc. A family member had been noticing an echo and feedback on her phone on the day of...
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    Convince the TD

    Sorry there Aidan, it's a Soundcraft GB4!
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    Hi, I'm Jeremy, a senior at Wairarapa College (high school in America) in Masterton, NZ. I'm a newbie technical theatre. I am currently learning sound and learning lots. Just saying hi and looking forward to getting loads of good info from the forum and wiki. Jeremy
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    pc help me!!

    You could use xlr to rca adaptors and an rca to 3.5mm cables. That seems to work quite well