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    Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Shure?

    They would be used as wireless lavs for their theater productions. Twice a year, once in the fall once in the spring. They have Shure ULX for their HH. They would probably need around 30ish wireless
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    Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Shure?

    Hi y'all! Doing some work audio installs and consulting for a high school and they approached me about wireless. Looking at the Sennheiser EW 122 G3, Audio Technica 3000 Series ATW-3110b, and Shure PGX4 They all seem to be pretty good, I have experience with all 3 systems. Thoughts from you...
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    Sound Rental In North Jersey

    Have you tried Skylands Pro Audio out of Blairstown? They are very good and their gear is top notch! Worked with them on a high school gig and eventually got a job with them. They came out and did RF coordination and everything! Skylands Pro Audio
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    Preferred Ear Plugs

    Hi everyone, I'm going to school for Show Production right now and was wondering if you had any suggestions for a quality brand of ear plugs. thanks! jkluch95
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    Lighting for Little Shop of Horrors

    Hello All, My high school is putting up Little Shop of Horrors this year and I was wondering if anybody had any tips/tricks as to different/unique ways to light the show. My director wants everything extravagant and different (she even is making the plant more 'sexy and seductive' as she...
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    College Full Sail Classes

    I'm actually going for Show Production and Full Sail is a real school, but that's a discussion for a different time. Thanks!
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    College Full Sail Classes

    Hi everyone, So I'm a senior in High School and am currently taking a Music Theory class (it's an Understanding Music since I have no musical background except playing the saxophone in 5th grade). I'm looking to attend Full Sail University in the fall and was seeing that they require me to...
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    Installs Installing backstage audio monitors

    With the attached image, I would say that a simple Mackie 14 Channel mixer would be fine for your situation. As for speakers for monitors, I would suggest simple wedges to use
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    Installs Installing backstage audio monitors

    What kind of mixer do you have now? How many seats is your theater? Budget? I personally use backstage monitors in both the theaters I work in (one professional, one high school), but our difference is that we mic the actors. Backstage monitors really help a lot, it lets the actors listen to...
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    Training for New Crew Members

    Re: Training for New Crew Member I have the same problem as the OP, I am currently a Senior at my High School in Central/Northern NJ and I only have one person besides the Teacher (who is stepping down at the end of this year and turning it over to his assistant who is a new teacher) who I can...
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    LED Stage Lighting

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and I needed an opinion. I'm currently TD and Crew Cheif at my High School (a little background on my school, our Tech Crew; Sound and Lighting, is completely separate from every other aspect of the theater, we operate on our own and get hand-picked by our Adviser...