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    Replacing Church Architectural System

    This is true, there have been several incarnations since '88 -- and none of them (including the most recent) support DMX natively. :wall: m
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    No Booth?

    ^^^ This. Make it permanent and now the whole "air wall open yes/no" question is irrelevant. m
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    Light fixture safety cables

    ^^^^ This is the correct way. Everyone read this, please. Wrapping the safety around the batten and the yoke only keeps the yoke from falling (and only momentarily, at that, bacuse sooner or later it will roll out of the safety). You have to cinch around the batten and clip to the body of the...
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    Light fixture safety cables

    Whether a safety cable is technically capable of holding X weight is not the question you should ask yourself in this situation. The question you should be asking is "what happens when someone uses a piece of equipment in a way for which is has not been certified and/or approved by the...
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    I wish had in my no-budget house...

    ^^^ This. Also, where are you located? There might be members near you willing to walk the space with you and offer advice (count me in if you're near Vegas). As others have mentioned, don't forget about security, both building and people. Also, you might ant to start this whole thought...
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    LDI has been sold

    Maybe NSCA and ESTA could team up? I think trade shows could be done better....m
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    Sound Board Recommendations

    As mentioned above, the "teachability" of any equipment -- especially any console -- in an volunteer/amateur venue (I don't mean that in a derogatory fashion, just noting that your needs/standards are different than a Broadway/touring venue) should be considered. User-friendliness will not only...
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    DMX vs Cat6

    Run as many cables as the conduit (or raceway/J-hooks if "temporary" or plenum-rated) will hold; Cat5e is good for most things today, but shielded Cat6 is a must for high-quality video. Check around with local electricians and data installers -- you'd be surprised how many partially-used spools...
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    Death of Vicente Rodriguez at MGM Vegas in 2009

    Specific information in the attached PDF. M
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    Vicente Rodriguez Memorial Fund

    Specific information in the attached PDF. M
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    Death of Vicente Rodriguez at MGM Vegas in 2009

    Agreed. That's why this fund is important to us -- let's have something good come out of a really, really crappy (to say the least) situation. m
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    Death of Vicente Rodriguez at MGM Vegas in 2009

    There is a scholarship fund at UNLV in Vicente's name; more here.
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    Vicente Rodriguez Memorial Fund

    Some of you have been on CB for long enough to know of the tragic accident that occurred in Las Vegas a little over ten years ago: Vicente Rodriguez -- a young stagehand and UNLV student working on load out in the Hollywood Theater at MGM Grand -- fell off of a catwalk to his death. More details...
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    Not a collapse! Imagine engineering this one

    Hard to tell for sure, but it looks like the truss extends through the stage, so this may not be a pivot issue at all....if so, perhaps the structure below the stage is attached to decking and that's what the ballast is for (to hold down the decking)..?
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    How Do I Learn In College?

    Given the facts you've shared, I actually think that was the smartest course of action. My advice: buckle down, put theater aside for the next ten months and graduate with honors (or as close as you can get to it) then worry about theater tech stuff. All employers respect a degree (it shows you...