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    Flown Subs

    Hi everyone. Basic question. Why do people fly sub's when it so evidently effects their performance?I understand that they are meant to provide a more 'even' coverage to an audience but it absolutely ruins the true low frequency 'feeling'. Why!?!?
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    SURVEY: Theatrical LED Lighting

    1) Are you using LED lighting in theatrical performances? Have you, and you stopped? Why Yes, we use them for all our major performances and find them awesome.2) Musical, straight play? Both, Musicals and Plays3) Front light, downlights, wash, footlights, gobo, movers? Have been used as...
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    Cameras for Theater

    At the theatre I work at, we use an (old) IP camera (Samsung SNP1000 - SAMSUNG TECHWIN CCTV ) and it does a pretty good job. Its handy for backstage (as like most theatres these days) we have a theatre audio feed but performers complained about not having vision. So as a tech we scrounged an old...
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    Line Array Puzzle

    Hi Everyone, Its a bit of a basic, sillly question, but where I work, we have a Renkus Heinz CF101LA Modular Point Source Array as our permanently installed FOH. Its arrangement is (from top module to bottom) 3x High/Mid's, 2x Subs.Pictures of the same array online show the subs on TOP of the...
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    Automated Fixtures Moving Heads For A School Theatre (Beams?)

    Ok, Hi all and thankyou for viewing this. Its great to have such an easy, friendly community out there.Im doing some research in regards to moving heads for a high school in Australia. We have a very well equipped venue with over 30 LED par cans, 30 conventional theatre lights and a sound...
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    Automated Fixtures Purchase of Moving Head Fixtures

    again, thanks for all the replies! At this stage we would be looking towards a profile or spot style fixture. I have however noticed on various websites, moving heads with the description of a 'beam' as opposed to a profile or wash. What is the difference? Cheers!
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    Hello Hello!

    Hi Everyone! I'm paul, 16 and work in a variety of shows and productions. Ive used a huge range of stuff and even own a little bit myself: Outline is as below: 32x HI-LED TRI-LED CANS 24x Stand Fresnel/Profile Combinations LSC MAXIM L Console LSC Atom 12/24 Console MYDMX 2.0 Renkus Heinz...
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    Automated Fixtures Purchase of Moving Head Fixtures

    Thanks for all the replies everyone! Much appreciated! As I mentioned above, we use a large amount of LED lighting currently. Would it be worth looking at a LED moving head or the more traditional discharge lamp as 'porkchop' mentioned earlier? At this stage, in terms of looking at lights, Im...
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    Automated Fixtures Purchase of Moving Head Fixtures

    Hi Mike, First of all, thanks for the quick reply! In answer to your first question, we do a variety of shows, mainly for the school itself but also the venue is hired out to public performers. Its for that reason we are looking for a pretty multipurpose fixture. We have LED cans and Halogen...
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    Automated Fixtures Purchase of Moving Head Fixtures

    Hi everyone, Before anyone asks, YES, I have seen the previous threads regarding moving heads and nearly every one has confused me in some way. My questions are as follows: 1. Are there any QUALITY moving head fixures available on the market that are ideal for school auditoriums (500+ seats and...