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  1. LX

    Abbreviation for "electrics," although often used as "lights."
  2. Cable, electrical

    Cable is wires and/or fibers contained in jacket, either rubber or plastic. Cable is used in theater to connect lights, microphones, monitors, speakers, power sources, dimmers, and well, everything. Cable comes in a variety of thicknesses, and should...
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    Putting A Face To The Name

    I think I figured it out... I'm glad you weren't wearing a tux, or else I would have been thoroughly confused!
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    Putting A Face To The Name

    Theatre Tech Barbie... Now with Clear-Com!
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    Might as well be a new member...

    Hey look, Serendipity is back from the dead! Anyway, what's up with everyone here? What've I missed out on in the past however many months? Well, I feel like I sort of owe you a reason as to why I swan dived off the face of the planet. I started out the school year working 40 hours in a...
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    Do You Draw Daily/Weekly

    So I lied, I now draw definitely weekly, though closer to two times a week, in AP Art History. The teacher prints out notes, but I realized I prefer to draw each image so I can recognize the styles.
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    Conventional Fixtures New issue of Modern Followspot Monthly

    Derek, this may ruin all the fun, but I've been dying to know, are you the creator of MFM? (Because it certainly seems so.)
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    Everything Master Electrician

    I agree for electrics, but what about a grid? Our black box has a grid with raceways, and I'm really fond of them. They haven't had to be troubleshot ever, and it's much more flexible than running multi (as the dimmers are a long way away like you said).
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    Well, hello there

    Nope. I sprawl at home with the ancient laptop (mainly weekends, I'm getting busy again). I also sign on during my Digital Photo class (assuming we're not off shooting) because we're covering basics of Adobe Photoshop, and I've taken Graphic Design, and grew up with it, so the teacher lets me...
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    Well, hello there

    Welcome to the Booth! That's how a lot of our members appear, (I certainly did!). We're pretty nosy, so tell us a bit about yourself. What areas of technical theater do you especially enjoy?
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    Hello and Help

    Welcome to the Booth! You've come to a great place. What has been your education in lighting, audio, or projection until now? Are there specific things you don't understand?
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    Putting A Face To The Name

    That's true, maybe I'll get it and wear it. (Just keep the jacket on until then?) I used to think about my school along those lines, but recently they've been getting pretty uptight ("We have a dress code? Since when? I can't wear a tank top in the un-air conditioned theater 30' up...
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    Greetings and Salutations1

    Hi Jon! I'd like to say I haven't touched a fixture in five days. I'm really proud I've made it this far... I couldn't have made it without the support of ControlBooth. However, tomorrow I'll probably go back to my addiction, as it is Advanced Lighting--I can quit any time I want to...
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    greeding, fellow unseen artists

    Welcome to the Booth! Gaff said most of it, but yes, the dark side is quite alluring. :grin:
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    Everything Master Electrician

    I agree. It's really important to be a part of a design team. (And also a whole theater team. As we discussed as a tangent in this thread, it's difficult to design lights without collaboration from other departments too.) It doesn't matter if you know 98% of everything about being a Master...