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    How Do You Draft Source Fours?

    I have to say, that PDF posted above just hurts my eye's. When you start getting into very large plots, i.e 5-600 units all colour coded, I feel it just becomes a mess. Generally I would never cut/insert colour from a plot. I would always use the colour/instrument schedule for this.
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    How Do You Draft Source Fours?

    As someone who has worked with some of these designers directly, they do hand-draft their own plots according to option B. But if you say that they hand it to assistants, of you look at the plots for the likes of Wicked or Spiderman, drawn by Karen Spahn or Viviene Leone both are very well...
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    Followspot Filemaker

    Hey Alex, I have sent you an email thats on your signature. Thanks J
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    Followspot Filemaker

    Sorry to drag this up but has anyone got a filemaker template they are willing to share?
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    Automated Fixtures Moving Light Tracking

    Hi all, Sorry for not getting back soon! Thanks to all for your input, as I agree that this role is and in some places has become obsolete, the productions wants it so thats why Im doing it! Lukily, Im just going to be updating the paperwork for a european version so the building block should...
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    Vectorworks vs. AutoCAD

    I think it very much depends on what your intending to do with the software? For lighting plans, I would definatly use VectorWorks. Easiser on the eye, great intergration with LightWright. For ground plans? Has to be AutoCad, I feel its what the software is aimed at and the tools are far more...
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    Automated Fixtures Moving Light Tracking

    Good Afternoon (in the UK) I am going to be the Vari*Lite tracker for a large touring musical in the UK this summer. The role is a very un-used one on British theatre and thus, I am finding it very difficult to find examples of the paperwork produced. Does anyone have examples of large moving...
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    LX Symbols

    Hi Guys, I posted a link on here a while back with symbols in jpeg. format, I no longer have these, thus the link no longer working as I now use Vectorworks. I have collated quite a few symbols which is in the VW file including all of the Martin Range, a few VL's, ETC including S4 Revolution...
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    Hey, I thought we could share pictures of our shows...

    Here are a few from 2 shows, the rock gig used 40 par64's, 6 mac 250 entour, 6 mac 250 wash's and 2 700 spots controled from a strand 520. The more theatrical one uses about 60 generics, 6 mac 600's 4 mac 700 spots, 2 mac 500 spots and 1 10x10 led star cloth. Im shure you can disinguesh...
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    Design Issues and Solutions Source 4 Revolution Symbol

    I was wondering if anyone had a symbol for the Source 4 Revolution in cad or Vector Works format, I know there is some on Field Template, but I aint got $120 to buy the symbols for the sake of 1. Hope someone can help. Johnathan
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    PLASA2008 Review

    Yes the GrandMA 2 was shown publicly, and I think it is a great desk, I spent a good hour been given a demo. There visualiser is fantastic and user interface is grade, All screens are touch including the one next to the key pad, I love the feautre were you hit a couple of buttons and the screen...
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    Re: PLASA2008 Review Well as a UK technician and spent two days at PLASA, I thought the strand pitch was bad, I spent nearly 30mins on the Palette and hated it, I am a very big user of the 500 series consoles and for someone to say that the Palette was made to mimic the 520 syntax is a load of...
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    Mac Cases

    Even though the Entours don't have the best Gobo and Colour wheels in the world, the price you get them for is great, and they have lowered the prices again in the past 6 months. One great thing in the Entours is the Studio Mode, It is great for theatre application, but saying that, i love the...
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    Lighting Symbols

    OK, I have redone all of the symbols into a better GIF format with the transparency, As to the degree size symbols, I have removed the lines and added the degree number onto the symbol, that way it provides more clarity to the symbol. Any problems let me know, Click here to download (DOWNLOAD)
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    Lighting Symbols

    What do you mean? These symbols are to be used in programs like paint of work.