Picomm document 1.1

Raspberry pi all in one Router,wifi, and mumble server for Stage Comm

  1. jtweigandt
    This file is meant to accompany the sd image picomm. Now hosted on google drive at this link https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_0XeNXRiS99cBOEM7-_pMKkBnHxdA-km It is a pre configured image meant to burn to a micro sd card 8 gig or larger. from there plugged in to a Raspberry pi 3 or a Raspberry pi zero w, It creates an all in one wired router, wifi access, and mumble server which can be used for stage communication. Cell phones running mumble app or plumble app (android) can have full duplex low latency comm. Virtually any tablet, pc, linux, mac, ipad, android can be a mumble client with the earbud or headset of your choice. Your topology can be wifi directly from the pi, wifi from your own router, or wired cat5/6 to your stations through a closed or conventional network. Instructions are included so you can modify or "roll your own" Can contact me through the board to obtain a ready to go sd card with picomm pre installed. (can probably do if you send SASE with an 8 gig or larger micro sd card) From there it is literally plug and play.

Recent Reviews

  1. jm_in_tx
    Version: 1.1
    Dealing with the Raspberry Pi can be an exercise in frustration, but these instructions and the availability of the disk image make this project possible for anyone willing to roll their sleeves up and dive in to something new. Great stuff. Thanks!
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