1. S

    Hi from a connector man

    Hi,Joined the forum, I work in the events industry supplying connectors.I manufacture socapex connectors for theatre and stage application and single pole powerlock connectors for power distribution.Also do bimetallic connectors for aluminium cable - which I'm seeing a lot of recently in...
  2. Cezary Oniszczuk

    Popular Junction Box Sizes

    Hello all,Depending on the size of terminations and cabling how do you prefer your junction box size? What is the most common size for sound application in large venues with over 25 speakers and 50 connections?What are best practices when using a junction box?Any links to resources are...
  3. TheTheaterGeek

    Control/Dimming Crimp stage pin connectors. Reusable?

    I have a bunch of fixtures that im replacing sockets on, and they all have crimped stage pin connectors, is there any way to reuse these? Do you have to buy new pins? Is it even worth it?Clay
  4. TheTheaterGeek

    Control/Dimming 12/3 SOOW vs 14/3 SOOW Extensions

    Is it just a complete No-No to use 14/3 SOOW for making extensions. I dont know why but my spidey sence tingles every time i see a 14/3 Cable.Its rated for 18 Amps which give me 1980 available watts on 110v vs the 2200 that 12/3 gives you, Which to me still means 3 575 watt fixtures or 2 750...
  5. CameronLD

    Control/Dimming Help With Various DMX Issues

    Hey all,I am a young LD designing for a production of Grease this summer in a very small space. As such, I have decided I would like to use some of the scrollers the theatre company I am working with owns, as well as rent/buy some gobo rotators...
  6. Rachel S

    MIDI cable

    Hello, Question about Midi. Some of the stuff I've read suggest that MIDI starts to loose its integrity. I need a 200ft run to connect a drum set to my ETC Ion. Any suggestions on how to help maintain integrity?
  7. Joshua Hoffman

    MyDMX and QLab

    Hello All, I am using MyDMX 2.0 to run the lights to a project I am working on. On the same computer, I also need to run Q lab for a few sound effect. Is there a way that I can make a QLab cue trigger MyDMX so I am not switching between applications? Thanks in advance, Joshua(BTW I am running...