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    Career change into tech theatre?

    Hi all,I'm currently a high school engineering teacher, who also serves as the school's TD, Drama Production Director & Producer. I've been involved with school & community theatre for about 15 years (over 30 productions) and I'm considering a career change. I would like to work in theatre...
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    Seeking Technical Drafter/Designer, Mukilteo(Seattle) WA

    Dillon Works is currently seeking candidates for the position of Technical Designer / Drafter. We are a design/build shop that does some extraordinary and very out of the ordinary work. These can range from theme-parks, museums exhibits, retail, and anything else in-between. Most everything we...
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    College Question regarding college and life

    Hi folks!I'm turning to strangers on the internet for guidance because why not? So currently I'm enrolled in a B.A. program for Design and Technology with a concentration in Lighting. I also have two professional jobs currently working as an electrician/ stagehand for both.My question is, I...
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    Job Announcment Pyro & Special Effects Technician

    Pyro & SPFX Technician- PROFESSIONAL FIREWORKS & SPECIAL EFFECTS COMPANYIllumination Fireworks, LLC is hiring a Pyro & SPFX Technician in Dallas, TX. Illumination Fireworks produces large-scale professional fireworks displays, indoor and outdoor pyrotechnics, lasers, cryo jets, fog, flames...
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    Freelance Lighting Programmer Paperwork

    So what do freelance lighting programmers need to have as far as paperwork?Do they have their own personal W-9 form, Liability form, banking info?What paperwork do you need to have to become a freelancer?Thanks.
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    I need help choosing college plan

    I am a senior in High School with passing grades and a good amount of experience to back me up. I want to go into Technical theatre as a profession. Now the time has come that I need to decide what school to go to and what degree to get. I want to try and get the best paying job I can in the...
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    How are Lighting Designers for Ballet Hired?

    I am interested in working with dance productions, but am unsure how to go about it. Do dance companies employ lighting designers or are they contracted through a production company? Is it more like concert lighting where the light board operator, designer, and electrician are the same person...