Seeking Technical Drafter/Designer, Mukilteo(Seattle) WA

Dillon Works is currently seeking candidates for the position of Technical Designer / Drafter. We are a design/build shop that does some extraordinary and very out of the ordinary work. These can range from theme-parks, museums exhibits, retail, and anything else in-between. Most everything we do can be considered "theatrical".

This unique person will have hands on fabrication and construction experience with a variety of materials in addition to being proficient in AutoCAD. This candidate needs a clear understanding of connections and construction methods, and the ability to coordinate with our sculpt, metal, wood, and paint shops in order to effectively communicate details and specifications.
The ideal candidate must possess a broad and varied practical knowledge of materials, substrates, fabrication techniques, and processes. They must also be an eager participant in developing and researching new processes as almost every project is unique. This designer must be able to interpret creative intent and possess the ability to troubleshoot problems with creative solutions and alternatives mid-stream.

Required skills: AutoCAD (3D Assemblies, Sheet layout), MS Office, Experience designing custom architectural, environmental, and theatrical elements, hands-on fabrication experience.
Other skills: 3D Studio Max, Inventor, Solidworks, Rhino 3D, SketchUp, Photoshop, Illustrator, Product design / Industrial design.

If interested, please feel free to see what we've done to get an idea of what we're usually up to. look deeper into our company at , and then check the "careers" section.

Hope to see your resume and portfolio soon!




Renting to Corporate One Fixture at a Time.


Renting to Corporate One Fixture at a Time.
And how much is that. We’re a very forthcoming bunch.

Asking for a friend ;)


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I am the Design Director here, but I do not handle that aspect. Usually this is discussed once an offer is made, so I can't give a number. Sorry.

Qualified candidates are more likely to apply if you give a ballpark number. There is a massive difference in candidates if your offering 24k vs 100k. Especially when quick google search turns up that the median home cost there is over 5 times my current mortgage. I need at least a 12k per year raise to be able to afford my standard of living there. There is a reason why now requires a salary with their postings.

Good luck though, sounds like a fun place to work (not being sarcastic, it actually does sound like an interesting work load).

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