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    Lighting Is Part Of The Play

    For Zach Blane theatrical lighting is not merely an effect, but an acting role in its own right. Like any actor, he says, lighting should exude its own emotional force, as it contributes to the overriding narrative of the play. Considering himself a “Dramaturgical Storyteller” rather than a...
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    Elizabeth Coco and the Stone Canvas

    Photo Courtesy of Washington National Cathedral Designing lighting displays for buildings is a tricky business. On the one hand, the illuminated structure should stand out, captivating all who see it with its dazzling colors and patterns. On the other, it is the edifice, not the illumination...
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    Nick Collier: Elemental Lighting

    Photo: Keith Duncan This London based designer has been involved in lighting three Olympic ceremonies, an equal number of Nobel Peace Prize Concerts, a Eurovision Song Contest and countless other major events involving massive rigs. Still, when he’s searching for inspiration, he envisions a...
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    CHAUVET Professional Video Insights: Bringing It All Together 2017-07-10

    Mike Graham explains how to pull all that planning together to complete a finished rig, using our own experience at InfoComm as an example.
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    Jason Aldean Goes Rogue

    Photo: Todd Kaplan After 12 years, 19 Number One singles and untold touring miles, AMC Entertainer of the Year Jason Aldean isn’t about to take his foot off the pedal. The dust had barely settled from his 2016 “We Are Here” tour back in January, when he announced plans for his current 33-city...
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    Less Is More: Big Looks From Small Rigs

    Photo: Randy Edwards We confess that we had to double check our gear list when we saw Victor Zeiser’s work for Animals As Leaders’ summer tour in support of their Top Ten album The Madness of Many. The constantly changing colors, myriad of gobo patterns, intense strobing and multi-level...
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    Business Meets Pleasure: Lighting Corporate Shows

    You’ve worked a lot of concerts and music festivals, as well as shows by artists at corporate events. Do you approach the two jobs differently from a lighting standpoint? “I do look at corporate show and festival lighting differently, because they are two different animals. All corporate events...
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    Mark Stanley: Living Light

    Photo: Paul Kolnik Can you convey a complex mood using only a single light source? This is the challenge that the Resident Lighting Designer of the New York City Ballet presents to first time students at the classes he teaches at Boston University, where he heads the lighting design program...
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    CHAUVET Professional Video Insights: Pre-Building Your Rig 2017-06-07

    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure -- and a short time pre-building your rig the right way can save you countless hours of aggravation once you get to site. Mike Graham explains how planning your pre-builds makes setups faster, smoother and less stressful.
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    Making Music

    Like many in the entertainment lighting business, Tim Messina has watched the growth of pop up broadcast studios with interest. The owner of Events United, Messina has provided fixtures to network TV stations before, in addition to lighting festivals and concerts that featured recording stars...
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    Working Washes

    Photo: National Cathedral From tucking a small LED wash inside a scenic element on stage, to using battery powered uplights to bathe great columns in a rainbow of colors, designers have never had more options when it comes to choosing wash light fixtures, or devising ways to use them. Ford...
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    Style Setter: Lighting Fashion Shows

    Fashion shows are stepping out beyond the runways of New York, Paris, and Milan. Once the province of the haute couture set, they have become popular fundraising events for charities everywhere, creating new opportunities for lighting designers who work far from chic style centers. Justin...
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    Peter Canning: Unifying Light

    Photo: RTÉ Visionary….the word that came up quite often when we told other lighting designers that we would be interviewing Peter Canning. The Prime Time Emmy Award winning Dublin-based designer has earned the widespread admiration of his peers for bravely pushing ahead into new technologies...
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    CHAUVET Professional COLORdash Par H12IP 2017-04-06

    COLORdash Par H12 IP is a compact, yet powerful IP-rated RGBWAUV LED wash delivering a beautifully mixed, soft field of richly saturated colors. It features a user-friendly OLED full text display. IP rated connections for power and DMX make setup a breeze.
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    CHAUVET Professional COLORdash Par H7IP 2017-04-06

    COLORdash Par-H7 IP is an ultra compact, all-weather RGBWAUV LED wash at home in any environment. It delivers a beautifully mixed, soft field of deeply saturated colors. It features a user-friendly OLED full text display. IP rated connections for power and DMX make setup a breeze.
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    CHAUVET Professional Maverick MK3 Wash 2017-04-06

    Maverick MK3 Wash raises the bar on output, color consistency, and pixel effects. Powered by 27 (40 W) Osram RGBW LEDs, it has the muscle to handle any application, including long throw situations, with ease. Pixel mapping effects, built in color macros and gobos, along with a CTO color mixing...
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    CHAUVET Professional Maverick MK1 Spot 2017-04-06

    Maverick MK1 Spot is ready for action with an extremely flat field, CMY color mixing, a 5:1 zoom and multiple control options. Powered by a 350 W LED engine, it features one static and one rotating gobo wheel, a 7 position + white color wheel, variable frost and 3-facet prism. It can be...
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    CHAUVET Professional Ovation C-805FC 2017-04-06

    Ovation C-805FC uses its RGBA-Lime color palette to render nearly any color with tremendous realism and saturation. Its superb optics ensure an even output. Setup is easier than ever with the addition of RDM, adjustable PWM and an easy to navigate OLED full text display.
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    CHAUVET Professional Ovation B-1965FC 2017-04-06

    The Ovation B-1965FC is a batten-style LED static wash light that takes advantage of the extended color capabilities and superior color renderings of the RGBA-Lime color mixing system to offer an ideal 1.2m batten for stage and theatre lighting.
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    Adding Punch To CRUSH Dallas

    The Creative Production & Design team builds versatile looks for a multi-artist show. This was especially evident recently when the Austin, Texas based company created a lighting and video show for CRUSH Dallas 2017, part of a four city production from Insomniac. Their immersive, high octane rig...