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  1. dvsDave

    Chauvet Professional - Thursday Tech Talk Series

    Chauvet Professional has added a new Thursday Tech Talk Series to its extensive training library to help lighting designers and programmers acquire new skills and sharpen existing ones. The series will be streamed every Thursday at 2:00pm EST (7:00pm GMT) on Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and...
  2. A

    4-Pin DMX?

    Hey, I have only been in the lighting world for about 2 years now. I finally decided to purchase Chauvet EPIX Strips and realized they only use a 4-pin connection. I guess it’s just my ignorance, but I have personally never seen a 4-pin connection.Is there a bulk cable/connectors I can buy to...
  3. CHAUVET Professional

    F4IP Video Panel by CHAUVET Professional 2017-12-01

    Ideal for the rental market, F4IP is an IP65 outdoor-rated video panel with high performance SMD 1921 LEDs, a pixel pitch of 4.8 mm, impressive display refresh rate of 3,840Hz, and high contrast 5,000 NITS (4,500 NITS calibrated) that make video images stand out both indoors and outdoors - even...
  4. CHAUVET Professional

    STRIKE 4 Rocks Detroit

    Photo: Todd KaplanCovering 650,000 square feet and rising eight stories above the ground, the new Little Caesars Arena stands as a symbol of the comeback taking place in America’s “Motor City.” Detroit’s hometown hero Kid Rock recently christened the multi-use complex by performing its...
  5. CHAUVET Professional

    Going Beyond The Stage

    Photo: Dave VannDesigners often talk about creating an “immersive environment” with their on-stage light show. S Jeremy Peters of SJP Productions takes this a step further by routinely extending his designs to off-stage elements. Nothing outside the stage is beyond the scope of Peters’...
  6. CHAUVET Professional

    Alex Kay’s Atmospheric Ride

    His lightshows for the likes of Machine Gun Kelly are scorching and intense, but when it comes to accenting those lightning bolt beams with fog, Alex Kelly takes a carefully measured balanced approach. Sure, there are volcanic bursts of brightly colored fog from the Vesuvio RGBA machines that...
  7. CHAUVET Professional

    Steven Douglas: Lighting The Moment

    For this Irish lighting and stage designer, the process of creating stunning visuals begins not with his eyes, but with his ears. There in the music of his clients lies the roadmap that will guide him in crafting his designs. Every show, he believes, is made up of musical moments, and every...
  8. CHAUVET Professional

    CHAUVET Professional Video Insights: Play By Your Own Rules, Meet the New Maverick MK Pyxis 2017-10-11

    Maverick MK Pyxis empowers your creativity by giving you an endless array of incredible eye-candy looks with its epic beam and wash effects, wide zoom range, continuous 360° pan and tilt movement and awesome aerial and pixel-mapping effects. This revolutionary and compact moving head features a...
  9. CHAUVET Professional

    An ÉPIX Moment

    Photo: Frank LambrechtsA collection of 410 pixel mapped ÉPIX Strip IP fixtures, supplied by Phlippo Productions, stirred up summer excitement at Belgium’s largest beach festival “2 Meisjes op het Strand.” Ranked among the most popular events in Northern Europe, the festival is known for more...
  10. CHAUVET Professional

    I’m With The Band: Andrew Cass On Lighting The String Cheese Incident

    Photo: Dylan LangilleThe connection between bands and their lighting designers has never been tighter. More and more it seems that LDs are becoming a virtual part of the band. Delving deep into the emotional and creative forces that drive every good song, they translate sounds to sights...
  11. CHAUVET Professional

    Brandon Baruch’s Scenic Storytelling

    Photo: Michael AmicoBefore Brandon Baruch makes his final decision about how to light a set piece on stage, he likes to spend time alone with it, “listening” to what it has to say about itself. In his view, every scenic element has a distinct personality, interacting with its surroundings in...
  12. CHAUVET Professional

    Robert Peterson: Contextual Lighting

    Photo: Todd KaplanLook through the vast and impressive portfolio of this Chicago-based designer and it isn’t long before you realize that although his work is unfailingly powerful, there is no single “Bob Peterson look.” With each project, his lighting assumes a different personality, one that...
  13. CHAUVET Professional

    CHAUVET Professional Video Insights: Color Mixing 2017-10-11

    Getting the most out of color mixing from your desk goes way beyond RGB. As Sam Bowden explains in this video, using tools like your console's virtual color wheel and virtual temperature wheel can help maximize the color rendering capabilities of your rig.
  14. CHAUVET Professional

    Belgium Beat

    Dating back to medieval times, the gothic castles and cathedrals that line the center of Ghent, Belgium offer a breathtaking beautiful view that transports visitors back in time. For 10 days this summer though, the city’s UNESCO protected district rocked with cutting edge 21st Century music and...
  15. CHAUVET Professional

    Strip Center: Ford Sellers On Pixel Mapped Strip Lights

    Pixel mappable strip lights may have a narrow profile, but they’ve been leaving a huge footprint in a growing number of lighting designs. From framing festival stages and decorating walls to extending theatrical designs and accenting praise music during worship services, strip lights are being...
  16. CHAUVET Professional

    Peter Greenbaum’s Year Of Todays

    Every weekday shortly after midnight, when many designers are just getting to bed, Peter Greenbaum is waking up to begin another day lighting an American icon. For the past four years, this native New Yorker has been lighting The Today Show, the most popular (among adults) and longest running...
  17. CHAUVET Professional

    Michael Stiller: Interactive Light

    There are times during the design process, says this Bessie Award and IES Illumination Merit Award winner, when light is “the enemy.” Surprising words from a designer who has been captivated by lighting since the age of ten, but reflective of Stiller’s firm conviction that light must be...
  18. A

    Chauvet Rogue R2 Spot Problem. Intermittent.

    Hello, ...Had an issue with a Chauvet Rogue R2 spot. Fixture #6 in a 6 fixture chain of R2 spots would every so often flicker on/off (light) for a second. Pan/Tilt/Colors were fine. Fixture didn't reset or anything like that. Just it would be on and then the light would, at random, intermittent...
  19. CHAUVET Professional

    CHAUVET Professional Video Insights: Web Servers

    Accessing your fixtures via a web server can not only save time, it can be a life saver too in a pinch - and it provides a convenient way to check on fixtures remotely. Get an inside look at using web servers in this Video Insights.
  20. CHAUVET Professional

    Peru’s Spirit In Light

    He has been called the “heir to Pavarotti.” Dazzling crowds with his immaculate, crystal clear voice, he is universally regarded as “one of the greatest tenors in history.” Still, even as his celebrated career has taken him from La Scala to Royal Albert Hall, Juan Diego Florez has kept his heart...