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  1. D

    Coemar ProSpot LX 250 Repair

    Hello members, I am new here, and would like to ask for some advice. I would like to learn to maintain and repair a few fixtures. For now, I need to address at least 4 Coemar ProSpot LX 250. 2 fixtures don't power on. 1 fixture has a zoom issue when compared with others. 1 fixture does...
  2. Stephen G. Brickles

    Coemar Venus LED Conversion

    ** The world's first Coemar Venus M4 LED Conversion !! ** ?? The video demonstration can be found here - this film was a pre-gig test. I did actually use the unit in short bursts for a while at the gig. Uses 8 Cree CXA1820 Cool White LED arrays connected in series to two Recom RACD100-700A LED...