1. dvsDave

    USITT - Forum@Four - Digital Media Workflow: Best Practices in Presentation and Paperwork

    Webinar description: This session discusses the media designer’s process for presenting design ideas, designing and documenting the system, and all of the paperwork required to go from concept to design. See examples presented from working digital media designers and discuss how workflow changes...
  2. S

    Convert Act Curtain to Tableau

    Hi guys, I'm designing for an upcoming farce at my local theatre and I had the idea that a tableau curtain would really fit the feeling of the show. Our space has a common traveller type main drape that's a rich red, proscenium opening of 16'x32'. Does anyone have an experience with rigging an...
  3. C

    Seeking Technical Drafter/Designer, Mukilteo(Seattle) WA

    Dillon Works is currently seeking candidates for the position of Technical Designer / Drafter. We are a design/build shop that does some extraordinary and very out of the ordinary work. These can range from theme-parks, museums exhibits, retail, and anything else in-between. Most everything we...
  4. ademhayyu1


    Greetings fellow technicians,My name is Adem Hayyu and I am a junior at Franklin High School in Seattle, WA. I joined tech theater in my sophomore year and I did sound for my very first play, Ain't She Sweet. I wasn't very good even after a lot of video tutorials and outside help. The spring...
  5. D

    Opinion: Surface Pro vs Macbook

    Hey guys, I am a lighting designer working with a 2010 Macbook and I am thinking about upgrading to a new notebook. Mac is currently on my crap list lately due to its removal of both the HDMI and their standard USB ports and having a bunch of adapters to use the simplest tools should not be an...