1. Cineruss

    Faux Brick on Flat

    I may be crazy here but would like some advice from all of you in the know out there. I have a God awful looking flat with an arch (I didnt make) that will eventually have brick applied to it for show. I know how to create faux brick and all but in this case will not be either painting brick...
  2. Cineruss

    Wood substitute for low budget paneling

    I have a theater set that is going to require 1 x 4 lumber placed side by side length wise edge to edge with about an inch space between the edges giving a look of panel grid of vertical boards on a flat. This is going to require around 30 boards that make the cost prohibitive. Does anyone have...
  3. N

    Mechanics of pivoting walls

    Hi there! I'm designing a set where I'd like certain walls to pivot and I could use some advise.The idea is to have four walls making a cross, with the downstage 2 turning about 180 degrees each, and the upstage two stationary and braced/bolted into the stage behind. My thought of how to do...
  4. M

    Cost advantage for Broadway vs Hollywood Flats?

    What are the best building methods to control for costs? We typically build Hollywood style flats, but costs of lumber are exponential. We also don't have much storage space, so we tend to re-build flats often.Is there a cost advantage to using Broadway style flats? Another type?Any other...